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At a glance: Paying a claims management company is rarely the best way of dealing with debt.
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What is a claims management company?

Claims management companies (CMCs) can help you make claims. They charge a fee for the service. Many CMCs say that they can get your debts written off. Or get you compensation by saying that your credit agreements cannot be enforced. However, many credit agreements are legal and hard to challenge. Think carefully before paying money to a CMC. It could make your debt problems worse.


The CMC should explain how they calculate their fees before you sign a contract. 

The fees should be reasonable. In some cases, such as for financial services claims, the fee is capped in law.  

There is no guarantee that a CMC will be successful, but they may still charge you for their services.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates CMCs. It says they must be honest, fair and professional. They should: 

  • avoid pressuring you into using them  
  • publish their standard terms and conditions  
  • identify and protect vulnerable customers. 


If you are unhappy about a CMC, complain to them first. They must respond within eight weeks. 

If you are unhappy with their response, or they do not reply, you can complain to the Claims Management Ombudsman (CMO). You usually have six months from the date of the CMC’s final response to complain to the CMO.

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