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About us

Providing free debt advice for over 30 years

We are a charity and are dedicated to providing free debt advice to people across the UK.

How we can help you

National Debtline is a debt advice charity run by the Money Advice Trust. We are a free and confidential debt advice service for people in England, Wales and Scotland. We have helped millions of people deal with their debts.

Our team of expert debt advisers care about improving your situation and will help you to take control of your debts. You can call, webchat or use our Digital Advice Tool to get free advice. If you haven’t contacted us before and want to know what the best way to deal with your debts is, see our Getting ready for advice fact sheet first.

Our debt advisers come from a variety of different backgrounds. All of them are dedicated to helping you tackle your debts.

You can tell us

If you have a personal, health or other issue that is making it harder to manage your finances you can tell us.

If you tell us, it could help us to provide you with a better service. We'll also keep the information confidential.


To protect your confidentiality, we have a permanent block on the "caller return" service. This means that if an adviser rings you back, our number will not be announced as the last number to ring you to anyone dialling "1471". This is in case you don't want anyone to know that we have contacted you.

Our vision

Helping people across the UK tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence

We have a proven track record of giving expert debt advice for over 30 years. We promise:

  • to provide expert debt advisers who are supportive and trained to a high standard;
  • to stay committed to providing free, impartial and confidential debt advice;
  • to talk you through the debt advice options that are right for you;
  • to keep all of your personal information confidential; and
  • not to pass your details on to any other organisation without your permission.

Our debt advisers

All National Debtline advisers receive intensive training when they first join the service.

We continue to develop and support our advisers by providing ongoing training. National Debtline has a proven track record and is accredited with the Matrix standard.

Our debt advisers are the heart and soul of our service. Their expert knowledge of debt advice has helped millions of people since 1987. Some of them have been with us for over 20 years.

All our debt advisers are dedicated to giving high quality free debt advice to people across the UK.

Our impact

Last year we helped 107,510 people on the phone and a further 27,430 people through our webchat service. In addition, there were 1.3 million visits to the National Debtline website.

Our impact report

Our latest news

Our Stop The Knock research shows that local authorities in England and Wales referred 2.6 million debts to bailiffs in 2018/19. Use the map to select your local authority.

Our #StopTheKnock campaign aims to encourage councils to reduce their use of bailiffs by making sure residents get free early debt advice.


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