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If you haven't contacted us before and want to know what the best way to deal with your debts is, see our guide to getting ready for debt advice first.

We never judge and have a range of ways we can help

Our specialist advisers are trained to help people with extra support needs. Telling us about anything that makes it hard for you to manage your money helps us give you the best advice. Telling us about needing extra support is a really positive step. Here are some of the ways we can provide you with extra support:

Citizens Advice casework

If you feel unable to deal with your situation yourself, a casework service can help. A dedicated adviser will contact the people you owe money to on your behalf and help with forms and other paperwork. We partner with Citizens Advice to provide this service, which is available over the phone to people in certain situations. Talk to one of our advisers about your needs and they will advise if casework is right for you.

Money Health and Money advice casework

We also partner with Mental Health and Money advice who are experts in providing advice and casework to people with mental health conditions. They can provide telephone casework if you live in England.

HMRC Extra support

If you have debts with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and you need extra support due to communication, mental health, or anxiety issues, or your case is very complicated we may be able to refer you to HMRC Extra support.

Help with Bailiffs

If you have extra support needs and have an urgent issue involving a bailiff who has not taken into account your extra support needs, we may be able to contact the bailiff firm to try and help. This will depend on which firm the bailiff is working for. Our debt advisers will be able to explain if this service is suitable for you.

If any of the extra support we provide aren't suitable for you, our support resources page has some helpful links to organisations that may be able to provide the right support for you.

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