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Your energy bill - nPower

Looking for ways to keep your energy bills under control?

npower has teamed up with National Debtline to help you find information and support to keep your energy bills under control.

nPower's customer service teams are here to help if you are struggling to make payments for your energy.

We have contacted you as there may have been a problem with your payment to us or you may not have paid your bill yet.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions about your account or if you are having problems paying for your energy. There are lots of ways we can help you to set up affordable payments.

Alternatively National Debtline can offer you free, impartial and confidential advice if you are having money worries.

National Debtline is charity with over 25 years of experience in giving free debt advice to people across the UK.

On this page you can find advice and information to help you:

  • manage your bills;
  • manage your money; and
  • manage any energy issues you may have.

You can also browse our website or webchat with one of our advisers if you need further help.

Manage your energy bills

  • Manage your energy from your smartphone. If you are an npower customer you can view statements, make payments, track your energy use and send meter readings with npower’s online app.
  • Change how you pay. npower can offer a range of different payment options and budgeting schemes to suit you. You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly, by regular direct debit or after you get your bill. For more information about the options npower offer, visit their website.
  • Could you pay less? Ask npower about their cheapest tariff or compare prices across the market with the Citizens Advice price comparison tool. To find out about npower's cheapest tariff visit their website.

Manage your money

Work out your personal budget

Your personal budget is an essential tool to help you budget for your ongoing gas and electricity bills and other living costs. Your personal budget can also help you to tackle any debt problems you may have.

Our budget tool will help you work out a detailed personal budget. If you are struggling with debt, our budget tool can help you to see how much you have left over to pay any debts. This will help you work out the best way to deal with your them.

Once you have entered all your personal information into our budget tool you will be able to save or print off your full budget.

If you are going to make offers to your creditors, you will need to send them a budget summary, which is a shorter version of your full budget. You can create your budget summary using our budget tool.

Do a budget

Deal with energy debts

You may owe money to your energy suppliers if you have not paid a previous bill or if you don’t pay a regular amount towards future bills.

You can find out more about how to deal with your energy debt in our Energy debts fact sheet.

If you have other debts as well, visit our fact sheet library to find out more about the types of debt that you have and how to deal with them.

Find a debt solution

If you have more than one debt, you may need to think about an overall debt solution.

There are different ways to deal with your debts. Whatever your situation, there is usually an option that is suitable for you.

Our Ways to clear your debt fact sheet has information about the options that may be appropriate in your situation.